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Coaching for Doctors

Providing Support & Mentoring for Medical Professionals.

Sue Warren Coaching for Doctors

Coaching for Doctors

Providing Support & Mentoring for Medical Professionals.

Doctors should thrive not just survive 

From experience I know that, although rewarding, it’s tough out there in terms of practicing medicine. The pressures on medical professionals (including vets and dentists), both physical and psychological, were well documented even before the coronavirus pandemic. These demands can lead to many issues with the work-life balance, directly impacting professional capability, pressures at home and mental health.

I believe coaching is crucial and should be as mainstream in the medical profession as it is in commercial organisations. Recent research shows that there is a growing backing amongst GPs for this level of support for doctors.

Coaching creates the time and space for under-pressure medical practitioners to think and reflect on the current situation. As your coach, I provide an active and empathetic sounding board. Active listening can free-up head space which, in turn, leads to positive, life-enhancing changes. 

My main motivation is to support doctors as often they have little reflective space. Much of my work is with doctors in distress who almost always make amazing patients. I offer support to either to maintain well-being or prevent my client from becoming unwell by means of coaching. 

Dr Sue Warren | Coaching for Doctors

How can I help you?

I am an ex GP Partner who now has a portfolio career. Much of my work and focus involves supporting fellow Doctors. I am a clinician for NHS Practitioner Health which cares for all grades and type of Doctors in Primary and Secondary Care. I also work with trainee Doctors in difficulty in the Wessex Professional Support Unit. 

I also work as an GP appraiser in Wessex and as a locum GP in Dorset. Recently I have trained as a coach via ILM5 and want to use my skills and knowledge to enhance my fellow colleagues’ lives both at home and at work. 

Feeling the Pressure

You can get help now

I offer one-to-one Coaching for Doctors and other medical practitioners, including Dentists and Veterinary Surgeons. Your coaching programme will be tailored specifically to your needs and will remain strictly confidential at all times. This means we can deal specifically with your goals and requirements, quickly focusing on the aspects that need to be tackled.

Each session cost £90 and will last up to 1¼ hours.

Coaching sessions can be conducted via Zoom.

Contact me in confidence to discuss.